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you're welcome...haha

heyhey....i'm so glad you received the packet, gigi....^^...hope you enjoyed the sweets....haha...I LOVE GUMMIBÄRCHEN....and i hope you do so, birthday is the 17th of may....heeeeeeeeelp...I'm almost 20>!!!...this means...i'm getting old....omg....i don't wanna grow up..hehe

Elisa am 26.4.08 14:32


how to paint easter eggs

hey my chinese friends....

shelly, i love your pictures.....and your daughter...and strawberries, too....hehe....but you wnated to know how to paint eggs:

first of all, there are many kinds of painting easter eggs. in my area it's famous to paint with wax. but we don't use the wax from candles, but special bee wax. i dunno whether you can get this in china, bcause it's already hard to get in germany.
another way is to use normal water colours. this is how my sister and me did our very first eggs. therefore we used empty eggs. to get those you take a pin and make two small holes at each end of the egg and then blow the inside out. you can use it for cooking. the empty egg you can easily paint with normal water colour...just like in arts classes in school. this ist the most easiest way.
another way is just colouring them: therefore we have special easter egg colour in form of tablets or liquids, but i don't know what they are made of...maybe i can send you some egg colour, but i'm not sure, i can get it now....
a natural way to colour the eggs in some kind of red brown colour is the skin of the onion. my mum often uses this way. therefore you cook the eggs a long time in the skin of the onion. but it is important,  that you use the brown skin, not the red or green....then it's becoming a nice red brown....

lemme know when you try it out, i'm really curious about your eggs....hope you have fun



Elisa am 2.4.08 20:19

some pics from my home

ney sek yo fameya? are you my chinese friends? i'm pretty ok....just feel a bit bored of my life at the moment....just saw some pics of foshan and wish i never came back to's sunday...and sundays are always extraordinary boring here...but nevertheless i take photos for you wherever i go...and so here are some of them....exclusive for you....enjoy it...



Sebastian and the Easter eggs


my beloved cat Moyo


It's Easter and at this time we have to search our Easter presents such as eggs and sweets....and therefore everybody gets a small basket


my dad...hehe...with an Easter basket on his head


my sister and my mom


the eggs can be anywhere....maybe even in the paper rubbish box...who knows


he found some sweets...but you know what....i already ate them.....all....


my mum's and my dad's basket


I cooked some Chinese style lunch...with zhou and dong gu and some kind of cai ...heheh....


I think it was pretty delicious


this is snow at night


my hometown's castle


some typical german style small street


the market place....but there's only a market on tuesday, thursday and saturday....for the old ladies...


you see, all in all, my hometown is really empty....seems as if nobody really lives there....but i do.....for real


love you and hope to hear from you soon.....please write something....



Elisa am 30.3.08 18:42

how to put photos on the blog

1. go to
2. log in with username: elektronenvolt     password: 17051988
3. go to album chinese
4. upload pictures
5. copy the html tag and paste it into the text creator on the myblog site
elisa am 22.3.08 13:09

Easter eggs

here are our easter eggs



Elisa am 22.3.08 13:02


hey my dear....

i took many many pictures of almost everything here in germany just for you...whenever something special happens i take my camera and take photos...if somebodys asking, why...i just tell, this is for my chinese friends...


so for example i took a photo out of my room's window when i woke up one morning and everything was covered with snow...


actually this is not the time for snow you can see at the blooming tree here...



And i took some pictures of my new working place and the people i'm working with...this here is Ines...she's really nice to me and i pretty like her..


and this is my deaf mute friend i told you about...he's awsome funny...and it's very interesting to "talk" with him



i guess another interesting thing for you might be the way germans celebrate their're lucky it was my dad's birthday some weeks ago...but i couldn't post the photos until now, because my laptop had no internet connection

it's typical to celebrate with some friends and family members. the smiling lady for exmaple is my grandmother...i love her...she's a fantastic cook and makes the best cake ever!


and this is the food we eat...normally there's a big buffet, where everybody can take as much as you like...and german love there are big plates full of it...for example cow tongue with asparagus, some pig feet with sour cabbage and some other stuff i can't identify...


but my family likes vegetables and fruits as kit was my task to create some are my masterpieces...




hope you have a good time...would be cool if you could send some pics as well...

now it's easter time in germany...means we have some holidays now and paint many my mum invited some of her friends and all together we painted the eggs in our local traditional style...i'll show you some pictures of this as well...

hope to read from you soon

best wishes to you

i love you all



Elisa am 21.3.08 19:19

i ve been to dresden

hey there... sorry.....but this weekend was pretty stressed...i ve been shopping with my sister and my boyfriend in dresden....a very beautiful city nearby....and made some photos for u

dresden elbufer
This is the of the biggest rivers in Germany....
my sis & my bf
my sister---and in the Sebastian

the biergarten....engl: beer garden... a typical german thingy....

Photobucket am 16.3.08 21:28

new video

hi my dear...i put a new videoclip on our's from on of my favourite movies from a german actor called Til Schweiger.... this is his first own film and it's called barfuss (=barefoot) and deals with Nick, a jobless who is pretty losing at almost everything.he just got a new job in a psycho clinic and got fired because of an accident...but then he saves Leila's life and she follows him everywhere...withjout anything on her she's always's a really sweet story...even without a kiss....
hope you like the music as well

Elisa am 16.3.08 16:09

i'm great & u?

hey ho my dear friends
i feeeeeeeeeeeeeel good....i really really love that job with these handicapped people... actually they're not as handicapped as i imagined them to it's alright for me to deal with them....and i already found a great friend....he's deaf mute...means he can't hear or speak and so we just talk with hands and feet....pretty interesting....hope i can show u some photos soon...

Elisa am 7.3.08 19:00

how to put photos on the blog

go to log in with username: elektronenvolt
password: 17051988
album i am chinese

just put ur photos on it and copy the html tag  in the blog
Elisa am 2.3.08 14:13

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