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I'm sooooo sorry

hey hey my dearest friends

I'm totally sorry for not writing for such a long time. first I'd like to thank Shelly and Bella for their beautiful cards. OMg they are really great.

At the moment everything's a bit wicked up. It's summer now and so im busy almost every weekend. There's a lot going on now.

I finished up with Sebastian, but we're still really good friends. It's better this way although he's really upset. Nevertheless we're going to study near each other, but i applid for two universities. First i decided on Jena, which is the same university as Sebastian, to study Psychology. Second, this is what i really wanna do, i applied for Erfurt, near Jena, for a special kind of psychology in combination with linguistics. Furthermore, i thought a lot about my future and i got a big goal now. with my work in the laundry station i got to know a deaf man. Because of him i started to learn the german sign language. although im not really good yet i wanna improve it and help those deaf people later on.

In August Sebastian an me, we're going on a holiday in South ENgland, Cornwall. And im really looking forward to speaking english again.haha.

Maybe next spring, when i have enough money, i wanna come to see you in china again. hopefully, i can take my sister with me, as she's pretty fond of going there with me....but i guess it'll be a problem with her holidays.

I'm really sorry about not phoning you for so long. but somehow i'm always busy at the time. maybe you could try and download skype from

it's a free phoning and chat programm so we can contact each other whenever we are online.

Best wishes and lots of love

yours elisa 

5.7.08 11:53


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