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sorry for not writing for a long time.,,,

hey my dear chinese friends.
i'm totally sorry for being too busy these days...but i got to tell some things to you...although i didn't take any photos.....i'm so stupid!! -.-

in germany we have holiday on the 1st of may as well but the night before is the special event....because it's the night of the witches...On the 30th April all the witches meet on a mountain in Germany called "Brocken"...and because witches mean no good luck it is a custom to burn a "witch" in that night...of course we don't use real woman, but some puppets out of wood....we put them at the top of a very high the same night it is another custom to put up the May tree...this is a small tree put on a huge wooden stick, decorated with some leaves and a green line around every village there is such a tree which remains there for the whole month of the night of the witches people from other villages try to cut the may tree there often some small fights around the tree....if they succeed to cut down the tree this village is not allowed to set up a tree for the next 7 years...

I try to take a photo of mx village's may tree so you can imagine how such a thing looks like...hehe

And this year was another special germany we celebrate the first May and the father's day, which is always a thursday in may...this year both events fell on the same date...
I really don't like father's day, because on this day many many men go around by bike, make loud noises and drink a lot of beer or other alcohol....Especially in my area they love to ride the bike on this day...but not only men....many women or whole families join in in this crazy habit....
so, my boyfriend and me decided to disappear to avoid all those crazy people...and we went to BErlin to visit a friend of mine there.

Berlin is really big...and finally i can watch some pretty good films there which i would never be able to see in my we went out to see "A thousand Years of Good Prayers"

This is a film by Wayne Wang about a Chinese retired man who flies to the USA to visit his freshly divorced daughter...she is not really glad to see him, because he didn't have much time for her when she was a child and trys to care for her now, when she's grown up...this film is a bit sad but full of small nice humourous scenes...some of them you only understand when you know chinese me it was hilarious that Mr. Shi, the main character, carries his bottle with hot water everywhere....juts really funny...
Even because the old man can't really speak English...but he makes good friends with an old lady from Iran....and they both communicate in a really cute way...I saw this film in Chinese/English/Irani with German subs...and it was just great to hear Chinese again...hehe

I miss you very much
hope to hear from you soon
3.5.08 13:20


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