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it took times to learn how to use this blog coz I got some problem: is German so we don't know much of the meanning, must guess.

and also the speed is slow.

so it really will take times to figure it out.

but I will work on it.

miss you


22.2.08 15:39


It will gonna be a sweet family!

It will gonna be a sweet family!
25.2.08 10:19


don't forget your name if you post something. cause otherwise i dunno whos writing....

 just type your name in the box: Dein Name

thats all...


greetz elisa 

25.2.08 17:15

got some problem

oh,Elisa, I am sorry that I realized I had change your text"welcome", what a stupid thing I have done! actually I felt it is a problem that to write something or view something throught this blog. coz the speed is so slowly and meanwhile the German make me totally confuse coz I cannot understand a single word, so I have to guess what is this and what is that.........

I wonder is it possible to create a blog in English? (just if possible ,I really don't mean to make you do it again but thinking about it would be more easy to be understanding...what do you thing?)

waitting for your reply

Cher see you

(p.s. actually I know how to send a text now, but still don't know how to send a photo)
27.2.08 04:34



i try to figure out how to explain everything more easy to you....or i jut try to find an english blogsite...but at the moment im pretty busy...coz i need to find jobs...and so i went to the jobcenter on tuesday, they organized a meeting for me in two weeks, but now i need to write many applications for the agency, a social thingy and something else again...i dunno really what to do, but i try my best, just to get something to do at all....and so i have to get up early in the morning and go to bed early in the evening as well...really tiring after all....i hope that i can organize all the blog thingy as soon as is everything going in foshan? are you all alright?

i miss you chinese pretty much

germany is somehow weird....


but heres blue blue blue sky

and fresh air


love you all#



27.2.08 19:41

wish you can find a good job soon

It is fine, Don't worry ,I think I am going to figure it out sooon,and surely the most important thing is to find a job first.

hope can hear your good news soon.


with love..........don't forget listen to mummy 听妈妈的话(ting ma ma de hua)

28.2.08 06:06


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